Things in life are sent to test us!

My sincerest apologies for very little in the way of blog posting but to say the last two and a bit weeks have been hell would be and understatement. My oldest son has spent time admitted to hospital for an illness which was originally thought to be Meningitis but thankfully turned out to be something less severe but still, not without its health threatening complications and risks. I have therefore been spending time juggling being a father, working and (crying) half sleeping between long shifts at home or hospital trying to get him better.

That said I have still maintained a line in the world of my stories and my books. So much so that as funds allow I am looking to donate a small quantity of copies to the Queens Medical Centre Hospital as one thing that helped my boy was getting things to read and do once he had been admitted. Once things settle I will see how I can go about doing that and giving some of the patients an escape from the real life things.

Character Wallpaper.png

In respect of my work on the books I have agreed to have an Audiobook made of Origins Of The Magdon Volume 1 and that process is going extremely well. Of the people who auditioned for the narration one particular stood out above the rest and it is this gentleman who I have entrusted the story to. So far he is doing an amazing job and I am more than happy with the progress so far. We are hoping to get something finished before Christmas and see it released with some new and hopefully successful ways of getting noticed.

I have also started playing with Facebook Ads which bring me limited sales, perhaps I am not using it right, but is I suppose bringing me some exposure. Small steps and all.

With some of my downtime I have found a way to create some more children-friendy representations of my character. I have personified an “older Archy” with a fine young man taking on the physical presence of Archy but I have also created some animated characters to become the face of the brand and story. Hopefully these will become anchors for people, young and old, to slowly come to recognise the story. I intend, throughout vanity or vain attempts at marketing to make some public appearances in character as Older Archy (Em-Con Comic Convention, Halloween and such like)…….anything to just get the name and story seen I suppose!


So more than anything it is an apology for being absent but it has not been without good reason.