Captured, interrogated and tortured in the depths of an abandoned asylum called Dinymour. Jack James wakes to find himself captive of a faceless enemy. Fighting to secure his freedom Jack forges delicate alliances and once free of his captivity must begin a new journey of discovery. What Jack learns is that all is not what it seems and the truth of his situation is one more unbelievable than he could have imagined.

Jack James, ex-marine now private contractor has a close connection with his best friend Karl Amis. When they agree to their most recent contract everything seems to be going well until the day of infiltration. When Karl disappears mid-mission Jack finds himself caught and locked away in a dark and dangerous asylum known as Dinymour. Determined to escape Jack must forge new relationships and friendships that will test his very character. Jack’s journey is perilous as he fights to escape the confines of Dinymour and survive long enough to expose the truth behind the lies.