Working behind the scenes.

Firstly an apology for not being too active on the social and blog front but there are good reasons. Mostly it has been about getting this year’s Christmas Charity book ready Blue Light Christmas 2: A Cry For Elf. I’ve had a lot on getting the illustrations, my awesome illustrator has created, formatted so they can be in the paperback. At the same time I wanted to get them showcased so will be featuring them on my author website in their best resolutions full colour (as they have to be black and white in the book so more money can be raised for Care Of Police Survivors). I’ve gone through so many format changes I’m now into the “what if everyone hates it” phase of worry but am pushing through.

Along with this I have been experimenting with Amazon ads (mixed feelings so far) and trying to use Facebook ads (not a massive fan). I’ve put one together for Blue Light Christmas which is my primary focus between now and December – not only for marketing but also making sure I get as much exposure as possible for the book to raise as much as I can.

Scary as it is it also looks like I’m going to do some face-to-face with this book again. I think it is possibly the fact I have t split my personality between real name (work) and my writing name that makes me uncomfortable. Work has stressed how much I need to not use my work-life to influence interest and keep myself separate from my writing identity that I always feel on edge with it. I do feel I look uncomfortable at first but hopefully, I settle in and when I get going I could talk about my made-up worlds for hours on end.

That is the problem with all of this for me – the fact by going it alone you always feel that you’re not quite good enough so then sets in the doubt.

Right! Enough of that. It’s been such a productive year of writing and in fairness nobody has sent me hate-mail or told me not to bother so I’ll take that as a good sign.

Future projects-wise……….I’m just over 47,000 words through Blackout which is my second planned novel of 2018. It’s a character-driven sci-fi thriller with quite a different take on an age-old concept of time travel but rest assured it’s not about the science of it. I need to finish it to see how I will best write it up but at the moment I’m enjoying throwing some curveballs into the mix so you will get an interesting ride where the sci-fi element is secondary to the intrigue and character’s journeys.

There’s also Into The Dark which is at the formatting stage as, although I have submitted it for publishing considerations, having heard nothing (yet) I’m planning it as a self-published project again. This will bring my Magdon monster to a more mature audience. It is very much an action adventure but I want it to feel like a film, feeding you with a family-driven story that is all-enveloping on a humanistic level.

Which brings me back to the self-doubt. I see so many other Indie Authors making the right moves towards exposure. I suppose I suffer from the idea that without an Agent saying “oh that’s good let me punt it for you” I fall into the cycle of disbelief in my own work. I am SLOWLY realising that I don’t need someone to rubber stamp my work but sometimes it’s nice to have that backing. So much in life, I go alone and roll with my own belief but sometimes.

On that note, I can take some confidence in the fact one of my short stories has made it into horror anthology Down With The Fallen: A Post-Apocalyptic Horror Anthology. The fact my story made it into a print form controlled by someone “in the business” must mean I’m not as bad as I fear (but most definitely don’t feel). I suppose what I want is someone to see some potential in what I write and put faith enough in me to help me.

My biggest flaw and I have said it since I began, is a lack of understanding about marketing. I really wish I had the funds to employ someone or some company to help me break through my own barriers. I love making my videos/trailers, my posts and my covers but I’m hardly the socialite monster and the same people must get sick and tired of seeing me sharing posts from my author profile.

Sorry this has become one of those blurgh posts where I spew out anything that pops into the old noggin.

In short I’m saying:


Someone tell someone somewhere that I exist and if you like what I’ve written in my books then drop a review somewhere so I can at least see, in moments of self-doubt, that there are a handful of people who think “you know what, you’re not totally crap!”

20170904_111651AAATiltrudolph reindeerfullsetpolar bear


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