Attacking from every angle!

Wow, this life can be fun………and intense at the same time. I’m currently running four projects at the same time, all at varying levels of completion which is quite fun. Thankfully I am only “writing” one of them which is BLACKOUT.

By working on I need to explain why this seems to work. The final Origins Of The Magdon book is done and just in need of a final read through and format ready for an OCTOBER 2017 release. That is probably the easiest of the projects.

Then there is Blue Light Christmas 2: A Cry For Elf which is second draft ready and in need of editing, formatting and illustrating. At the moment I have left the project in the hands of my ultra talented illustrator. If he can connect with the story and draw something then the story is right, if he can’t then I would rather shelf the project than creating something that doesn’t work. So this project is on HOLD PENDING CONNECTION but if it works then I will look for a DECEMBER 2017 release.

Of course, then comes Into The Dark which is final draft done, formatted and in the process of submitting to different people/places to see if I stick Self-Published or drive for something different. I now have a physical paperback copy from CreateSpace which has helped me find a whole new plethora of formatting issues. While I know paperback isn;t the current thing and not many people go for a physical book I still pride myself on getting that part right.

So, these three projects are already created meaning to me the story requires tweaking and editing but I don’t have to create. This more a process of finishing touches than anything else. Which, by doing it this way, allows me to have Blackout in the works. This is my (current) new project which is in the formation stages. I have three and a half chapters as I write this blog post which isn’t a lot but means it is all “up here” *points to my own head* and the hard work is yet ahead of me getting it out and down onto the page.

In my other life, my real life, it’s been a very demanding week of shifts but I keep that and my writing life as separate as I can so as not to conflict!

So that is just a little update on where we stand with the future of Tobey Alexander……you never know one of them may actually get me seen and recognised. You never know!

2017-07-19 09.38.33
The latest “idea book” – Italian Leather bound journal, I use a new one per “big” project.



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