Indie and self-published aren’t the scurge!

I try not to get involved in the politics of all this stuff. It doesn’t really bother me normally but recently there have been a lot of Indie-bashing articles popping up on my feed (Twitter and Facebook). While everyone has an opinion, and I get that, I feel that there is a lot of people just hacking away at the trust and confidence Indie and Self-Published authors fight to get in order to be seen above the “published” authors.

Don’t get me wrong, I see that there are some shoddy covers, some poorly written books out there but you know what…that counts on both sides of the river. Indie and “proper” published.

We are all guilty of feeling superior to another but does that mean the quality is any better or worse? Not particularly, I have my own opinions about what makes it through the inboxes of Agents and Publishing Houses and this isn’t the time for me to spout about it.

In the grand scheme of things though there is absolutely no difference between any of the suddenly appearing “classes” of authors. Those supported by big publishing houses are no better because in the end, we all did the same thing…we all just sat down, had an idea and ran with it.

So why the hate?

I know it flows both ways, a lot of Indie and Self-Published bash those that have got published and the same the other way around. Why can’t we all just sit back, be proud of what we have created and just get along? Yes, I know that sounds all idealistic but I find it quite funny having bumped into some people out and about (physically and inter-weberly) and the sudden reactions or looks of disdain I sometimes get when one of my children says “my daddy has written a book” and then it’s followed by my explanation I am self-published. I have even had one person literally curl their lips and walk away!

More fool you I say, because like I said, we all did the same thing. We all embraced our imagination and just ran away with it. It just so happens that whatever that person wrote fit the box of their Agent/Publisher and they got picked.

Do I think self-publishing harms my chances of “going big” as I was once told. Well no. Had I not self-published then nobody would have heard of Magdons. As it stands across all my social circles both on and offline there are lots of people who have heard of it now. Had I just sat on it and hoped the “big people” wanted to play with me I doubt my projects would have been as fun to write. For me I write simply because it’s fun, because I want to inspire my children and because you know what, because I bloody well feel like it.

There are so many projects that I wrote (and I’m not saying they were any good but that is not the point), there are so many I got rejections on and have disappeared into the ether having been lost to computer crashes and hard drive failures. All because someone didn’t like it I based my decision to give up on that.

Once again, more fool me!

I have written things since my teenage years yet why did I wait until I was in my 30s to actually run with it properly? Well now I have learned that I can do it alone.

Sure, those in the “circle of business” get help promoting, marketing etc and there are those that think self-promoting takes you away from writing. Well, really? I don’t think so. After all it is a project I have created and if someone doesn’t believe in it as much as I do then I’m not interested in having them onboard. I would rather pump my entire effort into getting seen (or not as the case often is) than let it become one of fifty projects a company holds and really doesn’t give two cares about other than making their money.

No! Everything about this is personal to me, the stories, the effort, the marketing, the creation… if it fails I can be 100% confident that the only reason it failed was because of me!

So really, after all this rambling and complaining I just want it to be known that there are no upper, middle and lower classes in the world of writing. We are all just creators, nurturers of ideas and to suddenly start thinking any one is better than the other undermines what all this is about.

Authors are often the social outcasts, those that were looked at with furrowed brows when the random ideas came spewing from their mouths. Yet we are in this together, whatever path you choose or are lucky/unlucky enough to be set upon in the literary world.

Just play nice and accept that talent isn’t always noticed, isn’t always appreciated by everyone but even if it touches one imagination and entertains them just a little then we’ve got it right.

To the scorners of my path you’re no better than me, I’m no better than you. We are just the same, someone who taps away feverishly trying to create something people will enjoy.

So to both sides, get off your soap boxes (as I am about to do) and crack on with the thing that matters……….feeding the inastiable monster that is our imagination!


Rant over!

2017-07-28 12.23.45.jpg


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