Serious progress – so far!

Well, while work has been all encompassing recently with rest days mismatched, shifts changing and having to deal with “internal politics” the work on my books had taken a back seat.

Thankfully, however, it would appear that has changed. So much so that I have now announced the cover, or best intention of my cover, for INTO THE DARK. Yes! I am aware it isn’t coming out until January 2018 but I want the cover to become familiar and desired.

1 FC v17

I’ve also created a sign-up list for Advanced Review Copies which I aim to start releasing in September/October so people can enjoy it and then upon release review it honestly. I am hoping after all this work that they will enjoy the story but that will be out of my hands by that point.

If anyone wants to sign up then follow the link:


There is also the promise of two more books…………..YES TWO MORE………..before Into The Dark hits the shelves.

Origins Of The Magdon: The Journey Ahead will mark the end of Archy’s story ahead of January. This is set to be the ending everyone has been waiting for, allowing Archy to finally face The Magdon and bring a finality to his journey.



Blue Light Christmas 2: A Cry For Elf, a Christmas sequel to last year’s charity book for Care Of Police Survivors charity.

So between now and Into The Dark we’ve got new things coming and I am planning to do some giveaways with the complete Origins Of The Magdon series so watch this space.

I know it’s only a short entry and one to plug projects but I’m brewing a new idea in the background, under the working title BLACKOUT. This, if I continue with the story, is a whole new story, no Magdons, no Jack James, nothing I’ve done before…………a whole new story to tell which is very much in the idea formation stage but it may grow and grow until I decide to commit it onto the page.


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