The world through the same eyes but different perspectives!

It’s always amusing balancing different…..erm….personalities. With me, we have family manworkerfitness wannabe/fanatic and writer to name a few. Well, perhaps the most important ones. I do try my best to keep them apart, or else only mix compatible ones. When things are in balance it is nice and easy to flit between the two, however, when one takes some prominence over the others it throws things off a little.

This month started with family and writer nicely matched. As soon as I get back to work, suddenly the work aspect takes a massive spike and I find no time for writing. I have managed a single chapter for Legend this week, it was a bleeding good chapter but all the same, I am annoyed that I haven’t managed to get more on the page…….on the other hand I’ve been training at work and it’s been a whole different level which again is awesome!

I still keep looking at different ways of marketing my creations and looking at my Amazon/Books2Read sales are steady. Considering Origins Of The Magdon: Vercovicium (Book One) is free it remains steady and holds in the top 20 for its category on Amazon…..encouraging as that remains.

I aim to drop a few more free copies at Em-Con (East Midlands Comic Convention) this weekend so hopefully some new audience members will join the sowly increasing following for the series.

As I progress Legend I intend to complete it by the end of May/June and spend the summer perfecting this beast. From there I am considering a new trial of submissions but if not I do intend using some new marketing strategies. To that end, I am starting some research on the various methods available. I am looking at getting some Advanced Review Copies planned and offering it out to see who would be willing to read and review upon release but again this is a whole new area for me to look into and is part of the learning curve.

Rest assured I have no intention of leaving this writing game at the moment. Be that for good….or not…..I cannot say but the feedback I am getting tells me I’m not a lost cause. I just need to find the best ways to get seen, get noticed and get my story appearing on the next level.

I can dream.

I can hope.

I can only do my best!

2017-04-17 20.38.59.jpg

The editing process is a whole new ballgame this time around. I have been quite informal with the process up until now but with Legend I want to construct as I go along so I have developed a check sheet for plot, characters, process and points so when I create my blurbs, synopsis, submissions etc I have something to refer to. Whether it works remain to be seen but I am hopeful a more (work-like) structured approach will produce the best I can give.

Legend is a whole new entity, it feeds from Archy’s story but in a way that won’t require the reader to know Archy’s legacy or adventures. It will create an intrigue for it but the story stands its own adventure. Something new and aimed at a higher level, more depth, setting, character and my favourite……action!

When ready I will advertise for ADVANCED REVIEW COPY contacts and see if people want to have a read for reviews. Hopefully not terrible ones judging by the way this story feels it’s flowing for me.

Until then…………………………………….we are on the way!


Twice in one day! And I’m used to bi-monthly.

This did start off as a Facebook post on my AUTHOR PROFILE but I thought it better suited as a progressive Blog entry.

Today’s creativity has ended well. I have formulated a good third of the novel I’m working on to bring The Magdon Series into a present day setting and cater to the audience who have asked for more to the story than is in the child-friendly novelettes charting Archy’s adventure.
As such I have begun structuring the story from the chapters I have already written and as my daughter hands me love heart sweets these seemed rather apt as I finished the day’s work.
2017-04-10 15.09.47.jpg
I am very happy with how the story is progressing and have brought a lot of personal imagination into this story as a bit of an outlet for things that have brewed up in the old noggin for many many years.
I do worry I am giving a lot into this story but I will not excuse myself by sitting on the idea I could write a series from this. I want to create a strong single entity in the mythology of The Magdon. If I choose to continue it beyond this story then I have an idea where that would go, but I want to have a tight end product that fulfils some of the issues/feedback I have had from my other ventures.
The key points for me are:
To invest enough time for each character, this is difficult for me as I am normally a single-protagonist writer but I am trying to share the adventure between a family unit. The father will be the main but I want everyone to form an opinion of the family members too. The same is to be said of my villain(s) who will be given enough time to develop beyond the two-dimensional nasty-people.
To give a meaty story, moving beyond the simplistic nature of Origins as a series which was designed to incorporate everyone as readers, young and old, experienced and inexperienced. No bones visible on this (save perhaps a Nivag or two).
Lastly to play to my strengths, although with one review of Footprints On The Other Side rated it as 2* mainly because they didn’t like the twist they did say I had a good tone for writing action. In respect of this, I am pushing my character work but also adding some pretty intense action along the way, some physical and obvious (cars, fights etc) but also building some tension-based action which may not be screaming and bawling but will at least, I hope, keep the reader interested.
It is a time of creative madness and I am sure aspects of what I have scripted thus far will fall to the wayside, and perhaps become the unplanned next story. I am loving this burst of creativity and am pretty sure my dear wife is irritated by me sitting here flitting between random odd jobs, gym sessions and writing.
I am sadly well aware that I turn into a “writing zombie” when I really get going. I am living in the vague, outlandish, probably ridiculous hope that perhaps this will one day be less of a hobby and more of a real thing. That said I really do need to get my thumb out of my butt and get my head around advertising in that case. Unless some glorious agent or publishing house (non-vanity) happen across my world and think they could/would run with it, then I am in this on my own.
2017-04-07 10.29.30.jpg
Until I scrape enough money together to hire a PR consultant.
Sorry! I appear to have rambled on a distinctly lengthy amount of time.

Absence due to holiday

Sorry for the silence… assured I have not been idling and forcibly locking myself away suffering writer’s block. Quite the contrary to be fair. I have instead been having some reflective family time away in Wales on holiday.

It was rather lovely and allowed me to clamber up another mountain with my boys. This time the only aggravating factor was the 37mph wind on the summit which made it unsafe for the boys to touch the trig point, instead, they had to settle for an outcrop about ten metres beneath it. I felt bad but the wind was dangerously strong…..see, I can be responsible! Just a little.

Whilst away I have decided on quite a few little aspects of the big novel for next year (Working Title) LEGEND: A Magdon Adventure Story. I was planning on keeping it all nondescript with places other than big areas however, I have decided now to bring her home.

I intend on setting the story firmly in Nottingham for a part of the discovery/adventure and more specifically at Wollaton Hall following my reconnection with it recently. I’m playing on my own curiosities about the place, the fact I have neve been able to discover parts of the house. In line with that, I have put my imaginings since childhood into play in the story.

Hopefully, come release time I may get some interest in some sort of event there to help with promotion and such like but honestly, I have no idea how I would go about that. Albeit this is some way off yet.

I have been on something of a creative roll since coming back off holiday. It would appear a week in the middle of Wales, surrounded by mountains and freedom from the “normal stuff” has done me some good. Since arriving back I have written two/three drafts of five new chapters my current word count is over a third of the way through what I want for my total.

But this was just a “sorry I am still alive” type post. I need to get back to the land of fantasy and writing while the juices are flowing!


2017-04-03 12.13.02.jpg
Windswept peak!