Competition and charity

Wel I may have been quiet on the blog front but rest assured it has not been without good reason. In my absence, I have been working on a number of things that have totally swallowed my time and I shall (briefly) explain each of them:

  1. A new role in my full-time job with a few extra responsibilities. Only a temporary position but nonetheless a great experience but not without its challenges and extra demands
  2. Entering a short story Halloween competition which was on a massive whim but the end results placed me in FIFTH place out of twenty-two entries of which I am extremely pleased with. I have now released it as an eBook for free which you can get a copy from one of the many eBook sourced HERE
  3. Writing Blue Light Christmas a new childrens book with all profits being donated to Care Of Police Survivors my chosen charity. The story has been illustrated by a friend who has, as I have done in writing the story, offered his talents for free so that all profits can go to the charity
  4. Overseeing the production of Origins Of The Magdon: Vercovicium audiobook which is being so well produced I am scared when it ends!

As I am sure you appreciate these have all taken a lot of time and attention, especially Blue Light Christmas which is penned for a 15th November 2016 release.

Thank yo for bearing with me.