Well, it has been an exciting few weeks, hence the absence from blogging. Since my last instalment, I have done a massive re-edit of both Footprints On The Other Side and also Origins Of The Magdon Volume 1 and Volume 2 meaning both are now ready for all avenue distribution (which relies on me escaping the Amazon KDP Select agreement on September 4th).

I have learned a lot about “Vanity Publishers” and while I have to say it was an amazing feeling getting a package through the letterbox from a publisher offering me a contract when I did the digging I wasn’t filled with confidence. Taking some advice from a new Facebook group I have joined (link later), it seems that it wasn;t all as gloriously rosy as I would have first believed.

In the end, I have decided to remain in the go-it-alone way until a proper publishing house takes hold of the story or else I make it on my own without having to fork out thousands of pounds to get…….well I’m not entirely sure what I get (except 10% less royalty than I do now and a very fuzzy sounding marketing strategy).

So what has changed then?

I have joined a few groups on Facebook, but the one that seems most beneficial and supporting is Scribes and Bibliophiles which is a new group but has helped me make some supportive connections. It offers a medium for chatting out ideas, concerns, methods and madnesses along with platforms to share posts or accounts/webpages.

I know the journey ahead is long and each time I do something I try a new twist or a new way to increase my exposure and target audience participation. At the moment I am running an interactive giveaway and while it’s not exactly taking the internet by storm I hope that the more people share it, the more may join and start #hashtagging and taking pictures to help #TheMagdon proliferate the social media world a little.


The current competition – with a twist


I’ve made approaches to some media outlets, some Agents and at the moment nothing has come from these but each try is another effort made by me to break through the wall! I have even contacted the English Heritage Press Office about the fact the story is set on one of their sites and seeing what we can do for each other, if anything, to boost exposure for both of us. Yes, I know my little book hardly has the weight and standing of The English Heritage, but I have to try.

At the moment I am awaiting a delivery of 1000 leaflets, I am going to start sharing about in various places locally but also ordering more copies of the book to give away to people. I think I have learned that to market yourself requires money too (but not £1,900 to get less out of it and still make as much effort in the background).

I’m doing some partnership work with a Jamberry Nail consultant to see how we can help each other boost some interest and custom each way and who knows it may or may not work.

All the feedback I am getting, through connections (which are biased) but also independent people who enter the Magdon story, is coming back good, so I know there is a market out there. Yes, I dream big, but I have so much belief there is a place for this series out in the wider world means I have got to do everything I can, right or wrong, to get seen.

I know every author has their own project they believe in, and I take none of that away from them, I applaud every self-published/independent author for taking that leap into the world and hope we can all break through the walls of the big publishing houses one day.

So ret assured I have not given up, I have just been trying (and erroring) at various ways to get seen, get heard and get known.