Making it worth while

Whilst not surprisingly I have not ascended to the realms of C S Lewis, J K Rowling or similar the feedback I have received so far has been encouraging and having taken receipt of a quantity of my books in paperback I decided to give me oldest son his own copy. He was awash with disbelief but then after a while quite surprisingly he just started reading it aloud to me.

It was a lovely feeling knowing he was so keen to read it and has even been telling his friends at school about Archy and the Magdon!

2016-06-15 21.21.30.jpg
This gave me a lot of inspiration and formed the idea for the atmosphere of “the end”

I also devised the ending to the entire series today and having written it I don’t think I want to write anything else today as it’s quite knocked the wind from my sails.

I have been very focused on the Magdon series lately but also last night I had trouble sleeping so lay awake thinking about Jack James and came up with a bridging aspect that I had missed in my final chapter of Part 1 so have gone back and added something that paints the path for the story.

It can get quite confusing, sometimes I may use the wrong name in my stories but as long as I focus myself on the story at hand it seems to work. Like I’ve always said I “know” the Magdon stories so well that it is quite easy, although as I move across into the stories I haven’t really played out yet it becomes a little more of a creative battle between WHISPERING SHADOWS and ORIGINS OF THE MAGDON.

But that makes it so much fun.

Anyway for now here is a little reading from my little man. Please excuse some of the mistakes as I couldn’t ask him to read it again knowing I was filming as he would have gone shy!

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